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    smart card offers 

    XH smart card products can be widely used in the financial, communications, transportation, social security, health, recognition, and compound function, class, conform to the latest standards of the industry, to meet customers personalized needs, whether it is a traditional magnetic stripe CARDS or PBOC3.0 or EMV chip card application, both 2 ff ff, 3, 4 ff and composite process of the communication card, whether it is a transportation card, high speed ETC, or health card, social security card, all kinds of smart card and additional financial function, can provide you with the right to choose XH.

  • Module & COS

    XH OS

    XH – Almach is our series of self developed SIM product brand. XH - Almach α is our entry level SIM offer and built on Native platform which fully compliant with GSM standard and 2G authentication.XH - Almach β is our high level SIM offer and built on secure Java platform which fully compliant with GSM, ETSI/3GPP, Global Platform and Java standard. XH – Almach has  been widely deployed in more than 70 countries over 100 operators. 

  • Platform and Application

    Platform and Application

    For rich user experience, meet the needs of the customer integration, XH in the company, on the basis of existing product line integration and improve the planning and design the application platform of products suitable for XH usage scenarios and all kinds of application subsystems. At present, there is a financial POSP platform for XH intelligent cloud POS, which is aimed at the mobile electronic membership card platform of membership card, and the mobile payment network and mobile payment platform.

  • Smart Hardware

    Smart Hardware 

    Through the combination of hardware and software, XH according to traditional financial communications equipment application environment, combined with the present cloud intelligent technology, developed including but not limited to the card-issuing equipment, independent credit card terminal in time and XH cloud POS, etc., make its have the function of the intelligent have the ability to connect, at the same time realize the Internet service load, form "cloud + end" typical architecture, has the big data such as additional value.

  • eSIM embedded eUICC products and eSIM management platform
  • XH Smart Car AI Box Plug & Play AI Box to make your car smarter!
  • SIM Card XH Smart offers various form factors to meet customers' needs. The most common SIM form factor used in the market is 3 IN 1 (2FF + 3FF + 4FF). 
  • Payment Cards XH can provide a variety of processes or compound selection may include but not limited chip cards, Dual interface cards, magnetic stripe cards, composite cards, transparent cards, metal cards etc…which are in complete conformity to the ISO/IEC serie...
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