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Smart Card

  • Payment Card

    XH Payment Card

    As a banking card solution provider, XH Smart not only provide customermultiple kinds of payment card from traditional magnetic stripe card to highsecurity chip card, from contact type and non-contact to dual interface multi-functioncard with VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay certifications, but also a wide range ofapplications, equipment and solution service.

    In order to satisfy our customer requirements from the product customizationto the packaging design, and strictly comply with specification of financialinstitutions, XH is committed to providing customers with high-qualitycustomized products, while pursuing more versatile products.

  • SIM Card

    SIM Card

    As an expert in communication card industry, XH providescustomers full range of (U)SIM,eSIM products based on the latest GSM, ETSI/3GPP, GPand other international standards.

    While pursuing emerging technologies, XH can meet therequirements of higher security and coordination between complex devices.Flexible collocation of various applications from Native to Java, includingS@T, Celltick, WIB, PKI and other applications, to meet customers' most neededproducts; The above elements are customized in U/SIM cards includingtraditional plug-in and Micro, Nano and other forms.

  • Transportation Card

    Transportation Card

    XH invest a lot resources on research anddevelopment of transportation card such as bus, taxi, subway, bicycle and relatedplatform such as one city smart card system, highway ETC system, ferry andhigh-speed railway, civil aviation, comprehensive city smart card solutions andsupporting facilities.

  • Social Security Card

    Health Card

    XH health card product series include social security card,hospital card, resident card, social comprehensive health medical card,  By loading financial function to the smartcard, XH provide smart card adapts to the current financial and social healthmedical and health services, which promote the communication between residentsand medical institutions, the social public services relevant departments

  • Identification Card

    Identification Card

    According to the requirement for secure andreliable identification card, XH provide customers multiple identification cardproduct such as traditional/high-end entrance card, electronic passport,driver's license, eID, which based on modern biological recognition technology andcombination of domestic and international specific standard

  • Others

    Other Card

    According to customer demand, combining with the advantagesof smart card of communication, finance, identification, government and publicutilities, etc., XH can provide customized card for users within the scope oflicense, including but not limited to all kinds of high-end membership cards,smart recharge cards, personal or enterprise personalized payment cards andother high-end customized smart cards with multiple functions.

  • Social Security Cards XH citizen card with all the advantages of contact IC card and contactless IC card. Main functions includes social security, city transport and e-wallet applications, can be served with convenient and efficient in multiple application environments fo...
  • Health Card XH provide health card, at the same time to improve the quality of hospital treatment and management efficiency, it also provided medical card and two high-performance products, the use of modern information and communication technology-based he...
  • Customization Card According to customer needs, combined with the advantages of smart card such as communications, finance, identification, government and public utilities, it is tailored to the users within the scope of the license, including but not limited to all ki...
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