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XH Smart Tech(China) Co.,Ltd. 

As an embedded intelligent security solution provider, XH Smart is one of these companies that is dedicated to developing intelligent products and solutions in the Security, Payment, Telecommunications and IoT market segments. The company provides internationally certified chip platforms and technologies, whilst heavily investing in Research & Development to ensure that its customers receive the best products and services on the market. The company prides itself in creating cutting edge technologies that employ the most advanced, up to date and innovative solutions to accelerate enhancements in the Digital Era. 

Since the establishment in 2011, XH Smart embedded intelligent security products have been trusted by more than 300 mainstream Mobile network operators, Banks and government agencies in more than 145 countries. Led by the national "One Belt, One Road" policy, XH Smart has become a representative high-tech enterprise of "going global" in Guangdong province. In overseas market, XH Smart promoted the global regionalization strategic by following the "One Belt, One Road" policy; In China, XH Smart 's digital security and international certified products have been recognized by China's major Mobile network operators, which make XH Smart a leading vendor in the Telecommunications sector with an unsurpassed reputation. Financial Institutions benefit from XH Smarts superior chip quality and security as well as solutions tailored towards convenience and efficiency in this market sector.  

The outstanding achievement comes from the unremitting pursuit of quality and service. XH Smart R&D team in Zhuhai headquarters has more than 200 employees and annual R&D investment exceeds 10 million us dollars. Besides Zhuhai headquarters, XH Smart has R&D center in Singapore and production sites in India, Bangladesh, South Africa and Chongqing which has been certified by VISA, MASTERCARD and Unionpay.

XH Smarts also has more than10 sales offices around the world, which not only enable XH Smart to deliver high-quality products in the global market, but also capable of providing customers with 24/7 rapid response service.

As the 4th Industrial Revolution moves forward and the world is becoming more connected each day, XH Smart is committed to protecting the security of your Telecommunication and Payment experience, assuring safety and convenience in all aspects of IoT.

Security Sector

In the era of intelligence, smart devices have gradually become an indispensable part of people's lives, while security issues are increasingly prominent. XH Smart’s embedded ESE solution can protect the identity, authentication, and communication of smart devices from a network attack.

Payment Sector

From input data preparation, card issuance, customization to comprehensive financial solutions, XH Smart provides full cycle, full range of payment products and services. Compared with the traditional card vendor, XH Smart focus on "user growth" of financial institution customers by providing a wide range of innovative payment card and solutions to optimize the user experience and exceed customer demand, maintain high networth clients and contribute to business growth to provide strong support. Financial Institutions benefit from XH Smarts superior chip quality and security as well as solutions tailored towards convenience and efficiency in this market sector. 

Telecommunication Sector

XH Smart SIM card product line has fully covered all network (3G,4G,5G) platforms (native, Java) and storage specifications (32K~512K) for operators at all stages of global development. XH Smart also actively is developing new products and solutions, including core service modules and platforms in 5G and IoT ecosystem, such as eUICC, RSP remote code number management scheme, a-OTA and ISIM scheme.

IoT Sector

With the continuous expansion of the scale of Internet of things devices, XH Smart has set out to provide enterprise customers and consumers with reliable Internet of things platforms and services.

Based on front-end applications, terminal hardware powerful communication modules, XH Smart IoT ecosystem provide reliable mobile No. recourses, device management platform and secure business solutions which ensure secure digital connection and data obtained from smart device for enterprises, governments and consumers.

With close cooperation with industry manufacturers, hardware manufacturers and mobile network operators, XH Smart provide a wide range of commercial IoT projects, not only the eSIM management system, but also comprehensive solutions, such as intelligent streetlight, intelligent parking, etc., which can provide strong support for the mobile network operators of explore business channels.

In our increasingly interconnected world, XH Smart remains focused on safeguarding consumer data and protecting payment security, whilst driving its customer’s operational efficiencies and overall company success. 

Benefit from a wealth of experience and years of dedication by partnering with XH Smart today!