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XH Smart Announces the Debut of Super SIM by UMS Uzbekistan and Its Strategic Partnership with Unic Linxens

Release time:2021-5-15 22:40:44

ZHUHAI CHINA – 13rd May 2021 XH Smart Tech (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "XH Smart") and Beijing Unic Linxens Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Unic Linxens") have announced a strategic partnership formed between the two companies.  The companies not only share strategic objectives but also a drive to pioneer digital innovation.  The partnership will integrate resources, talent and expertise to spearhead creativity and modernization for complete digital transformation within the industry.


The collaboration has already achieved success by supporting UMS to launch the very first super SIM in Uzbekistan expanding on the current application of the tradition SIM card and placing UMS at the forefront of telecommunications.



Speaking at the recent launch ceremony, Mr. GABDEYEV Elmir, UMS Vice President and Marketing Director recognized the value and power of Super SIM products which are aimed at enhancing mobile phone storage for different age groups.  The product has already achieved great success and has exceeded user expectations.  


Mr. Leo He, Chairman of the Board of XH Smart said that China, as a major manufacturing country in the world, has made great contributions to the rapid expansion of the global telecommunications industry.  The development of Super SIM’s which support 5G/4G/3G/2G have made it possible for users to safely and securely secure large data on mobile devises, alleviating pain points previously experienced.  


Mr. Ma Daojie, Chairman and CEO of Unic Linxens, said that the Super SIM is a revolutionary product that Unic Linxens has vigorously promoted in the 5G period. It will greatly increase customer stickiness and make it possible to develop new applications based on the COS ecosystem. Together, the two parties will create a new business model with unlimited potential overseas markets, and deeply explore the huge business opportunities that the 5G period will bring to the global market.



Super SIM is designed for major Mobile Network Operators to build private data centers based within the SIM Card.  The product offers the highest international financial grade security (SOGIS CC EAL6+ certified) for the complete protection of user data.  




XH Smart will continue to drive product updates and technological innovations, and is proud to partner with a strong, technically capable company such as Unic Linxens to drive commercialization of Super SIM and to further enhance innovation in telecommunications.



About UMS Uzbekistan


UMS LLC is a telecommunications company that has been providing mobile services in the Republic of Uzbekistan since 1 December 2014. Since December 2, 2019, the company has been operating under the Mobiuz trademark. It’s a telecommunications company in Uzbekistan that provides modern mobile voice and mobile Internet access services in the 4G LTE, UMTS and GSM standards under the Mobiuz brand name. The company consisted of the Head Division (located in Tashkent) and 20 branches and divisions located in the regional and administrative centers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The number of subscribers are over 3.9 million. UMS is the second largest telecommunications operator in Uzbekistan for now.



About XH Smart


Founded on 22 March, 2011, XH Smart is an embedded intelligent security solution provider who is devoted to providing products and solutions in the four fields of "Security, Payment, Telecommunication and IoT".  XH Smart services are deployed in more than 124 countries covering Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. XH Smart has achieved ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO27001, GSMA SAS, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and China UnionPay certification for production of schemed payment cards.



About Unic Linxens


Unic Linxens is the leading manufacturer of large-capacity super SIM cards, smart card carrier tapes, chip module packaging, and smart card antenna intermediate layers. At present, there are 10 factories and 6 R&D centers around the world, providing products and services to more than 200 customers around the world. Positioned as the world's leading provider of chip products and solutions for the IoT, the company is committed to "connecting the world and empowering the IoT" with the vision of being a chip connection expert.