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XH HCE Cloud – based Payment Solutions

Release Time:2017-8-16 1:47:50

XH Smart provides you with overall HCE cloud payment solutions that have higher security based on Token technology according to your demands.

Advantages of HCE Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

          Higher independence, no need to rely on telecom operators, security module distributors or third-party institutions (such as TSM, Apple Pay and AliPay, etc.);

          Exclusive mobile APP, occupying high position of mobile terminals;

          Reducing the cost for issuing physical cards;

          More convenient for users, only need to download and activate the application for using;

          No need to add other plug-ins (such as Stickers, etc.) to mobile phones.

Security Implementation Solutions

HCE service supports multi-level security specifications required by the standards of Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay. For security certification of the authorized cardholders, HCE relies on the following three key concepts:



          Password protection