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XH SIM Retailers Management

Release Time:2019-9-4 22:20:00

Order Management

 -Allow MNO to manage orders from distributors

- Allows distributors to manage orders from their sub-distributors

- Supports ordering of mobile devices, SIM CARDS, coupons and phone number products

Channel Management

- Manage distributors, user accounts and geographical location

- Allow distributors to manage product prices

- Support the allocation of inventory according to performance

- Provides a complete view of the allocation hierarchy

-Support e-pin/reasonable credentials encrypted using transfer keys and PGP files

Storage Management

- Configure distributor's warehouse and store location.

- Manage inventory through incoming and outgoing inventory

- Support inventory monitoring for each region

Rewards and punishments management

- Allow MNO to create and manage distributors according to the reward and punishment plan, and give specific rewards to those distributors who receive rewards within a specified period of time.


- User can report with different chart filters and export documents in different formats