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XH Budget Performance Management Platform

Release Time:2019-9-5 22:58:43

XH Budget Performance Management Platform

XH budget performance management system can covers the whole process of government Public budget expenditure. Accelerate the implementation of budget projects of public security units, assist in establishing the whole-process budget performance management system of public security industry, apply the functions of project database, budget compilation, budget arrangement, index quota, procurement contract management, financial reimbursement management and so on in the system, and improve the informatization management level of public security bureau budget projects.

Solution Benefit

• Implement comprehensive budget management, and seek benefits from policies and management

• In line with the characteristics of public security work, close to actual combat, comprehensive security to deepen public security reform

• Budget performance system with management and control as the core, supporting the decision-making of bureau leaders

• Strengthen the management of expenditure schedule to meet the needs of zero-based budget reform in the new era

• Build a whole-process project budget performance management system based on project database management