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XH ETC Solution

Release Time:2019-9-5 23:19:15

Brief introduction:

ETC (ElectronicTollCollection) is the most advanced toll collection system in the world. It takes the on-board electronic tag (OBU) mounted on the vehicle windshield as the reading card and communication tool, and USES the background clearing and microwave communication system to realize the automatic deduction and collection of traffic fees.

XH traffic card highway application, combined with special on-board electronic tags (OBU), can realize ETC highway vehicles' toll-paying function without stopping.

The whole process is completed in an instant without stopping, which can greatly reduce the queuing time of customers. Vehicle access, energy conservation and emission reduction, low carbon environmental protection, VIP enjoyment


Premium service:

ETC special lane service, avoid waiting in line, give priority to traffic, show your respect.

Fast access:

the expressway does not stop to collect tolls. The vehicles only need to slow down to the speed specified by the speed limit sign on the spot and can pass through the tollbooth in 3-5 seconds, greatly enhancing the capacity.

Multi-purpose card:

in addition to the highway non-cash traffic functions, it also provides transfer and remittance, fund management, bus travel, self-service handling of traffic violation cases, payment of traffic violation fines, payment of public utilities fees or collection. Truly one card multi-purpose, enjoy the wisdom of life.

Green environmental protection:

informationized, digitized, non-cash intelligent life, reduce automobile exhaust emission and environmental pollution, reduce vehicle waiting time, reduce vehicle start and brake frequency, reduce vehicle wear and fuel consumption, and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.