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XH Smart Facial Recognition Temperature Measurement System

Release Time:2020-5-20 20:54:39

The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has made effective body temperature screening in public places of critical importance.  Airports, public transport, border posts, schools, offices, shopping centres and other public areas require an effective and accurate means of detecting fever.

Governments, schools, universities, private organizations etc are under pressure to contain the virus whilst still allowing for effective biometric access control systems etc.

XH Smart has developed a universal system that provides a convenient, accurate and efficient tool to detect temperatures and facial recognition as well as means to collect and store data.  This high-tech system is suitable for use in all public places and is cost efficient, making it an ideal solution for both large and small organizations striving for public safety and access control.

Function List

Face recognition

• Auto face mask detection and face recognition

• FACE++ deep face recognition algorithm, stable and reliable

• Face recognition + temperature detection + mask detection, various types of combination


Temperature measurement

Measuring accuracy ± 0.3

• Temperature anomaly automatic alarm


Equipment features

• 8-inch high resolution screen

• Ultrathin metal case


Working mode

Support offline working mode

• Support http protocol, rapid development and integrating with health management platform and cooperating with big data system