XH Budget Performance Management Platform

    XH Budget Performance Management PlatformXH budget performance management system can covers the whole process of government Public budget expenditure. Accelerate the implementation of budget projects of public security units, assist in establishing the whole-process budget performance management sys...

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    XH QR-Payment Solution

    XH – QR Payment and e-Wallet Solution a cost effective and future proof system which is able to make the payment experience more convenience and secure for both customer and merchants.For CustomerPortable(Digitized bank card)User friendly and efficient High popularizing, securetransaction(dynamic QR...

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    XH SIM Management Solution

    Order Management Automatically generate and process input files based on simple user inputFull control of product, supplier, tool kit and document management Coded inventory management Manage MSISDN, IMSI, ICCID, PIN, coding planning, coding transfer, HLR allocation SIM card pre-supply management Au...

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    XH SIM Retailers Management

    Order Management -Allow MNO to manage orders from distributors- Allows distributors to manage orders from their sub-distributors- Supports ordering of mobile devices, SIM CARDS, coupons and phone number products Channel Management - Manage distributors, user accounts and geographical location- ...

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    XH Smart Parking Solution

    With the development of city, the increase of cars and the number of parking spaces is not synchronized, it leads to a serious imbalance between the supply and demandof parking spaces, which brings a series of problems to the car owners andurban management:Car owner•Limited parking space•Long time f...

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    XH IoT Platform

    With the rapid increasing amount of eSIM and eSIM based product, it will be a great opportunity for MNO to expandtheir businesses.But it’s also a big challenge for MNO to find IoT based business to make profit as soon as possible.XH not only provide eSIM but also IoT ecosystem including applica...

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