XH OTA & S@T Server

     The OTA enables MNOs update the sim card in the market instantly and securely. Benefit of OTA & S@TReduce costKeep sim card in the market updated with latest configurationAble to launch new VAS within short periodImprove customer satisfaction    Benefit of XH solutionTo...

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    XH Instant Issuance Solution

    As a bank branch manager, what concerns you  most for new card issuance?Slow & CostlyIt take daysfor delivery, a lot of effort for new card mailing, which increasecustomer service cost;Bad Customer ExperienceThere'repossibility of card lost or stolen during delivery, which lea...

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    XH Central Issuance System

    Comparedwith the third-party card issuing, the bank which has its own card issuingcenter will improve the card issuing efficiency and have no security concern ofdata distribution to different suppliers.XH Central Issuance System(CIS) enable a bank to arrange their own card issuingplans and flexibly ...

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    XH HCE Cloud – based Payment Solutions

    XH Smart provides you with overall HCE cloud payment solutions that have higher security based on Token technology according to your demands. Advantages of HCE Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions•          Higher independence, no need to rely o...

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