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    XH ETC Solution

    Brief introduction:ETC (ElectronicTollCollection) is the most advanced toll collection system in the world. It takes the on-board electronic tag (OBU) mounted on the vehicle windshield as the reading card and communication tool, and USES the background clearing and microwave communication system to ...

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    XH Video network integrated management platform

    Video network integrated managementplatformBased on the state secretalgorithm, ensure that video monitoring network equipment, Identity trusted, data non - repudiation,non - tamper and secure transmission.Solution BenefitCover weak password, backdoor account, camera vulnerability, anti-counterfeitin...

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    XH Big Data Security Solutions

    XH Big Data Security SolutionsIn the era of data, only by mastering "data sovereignty" can we maintainnational "data security". Big data security solution, will be aroundthe big data platform data life cycle for security protection.

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