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    XH Connected Car Solution

    One-Stop Global Connectivity Service creating a Smart Car life styleAs a global automotive digital connectivity service provider, XH Smart provides secure connectivity, content management, operation support, data analysis intelligence and acceleration technology for automotive enterprise and Tier 1 ...

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    XH Smart City Solution

    XH Smart help you to connect all things!XH Smart, a leader in IoT products and connectivity service provider. XH Smart provides mobile connectivity access service supported by 3 major Chinese mobile network operators (China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom) and a one-stop communication network...

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    XH Smart Facial Recognition Temperature Measurement System

    The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has made effective body temperature screening in public places of critical importance.  Airports, public transport, border posts, schools, offices, shopping centres and other public areas require an effective and accurate means of detecting fever...

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    XH -Smart Lighting Solution

    Smart lighting is significant infrastructure of smartcity as street lamp network canbe applied to multiple areas such as security monitoring network, WIFI hotspot,electronic advertisement screen, road congestion monitoring network, parkingmanagement, environmental monitoring network, etc. Smart stre...

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    XH Smart Parking Solution

    With the development of city, the increase of cars and the number of parking spaces is not synchronized, it leads to a serious imbalance between the supply and demandof parking spaces, which brings a series of problems to the car owners andurban management:Car owner•Limited parking space•Long time f...

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    XH IoT Platform

    With the rapid increasing amount of eSIM and eSIM based product, it will be a great opportunity for MNO to expandtheir businesses.But it’s also a big challenge for MNO to find IoT based business to make profit as soon as possible.XH not only provide eSIM but also IoT ecosystem including applica...

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